Easy and Simple Google SEO Tips

With the emergence of search engines as the Internet’s gateways of information, the search engine Google has grown to become one of the biggest and most influential entities on the Internet.

This is why web developers today do their SEO programs on their websites in accordance to the standards of Google as doing so increases the website’s chances of landing in a top 10 spot in Google’s search listings which will almost always guarantee the website the goal of every web developer – large volume of user traffic.

Here are some Google SEO tips that will help anyone that intends to make their website gain prominence in the Google search rankings.

Having Original and Relevant Content

This Google SEO tip should be on the forefront of any SEO program that aims to bolster a website’s Google rankings. As with other search engines, Google gives priority to websites that give unique and relevant contents to their users.

Accessible Navigation Design

The navigation design of websites is another factor considered by Google when ranking websites in their search listings. A good Google SEO tip is to use text or images for a website’s base navigation as text and images can be read by Google bots, programs tasked by Google to survey websites.

Avoiding formats such as Javascript and Flash in the case of navigation design is a must if a website is to optimize for Google as such formats can not be read by Google bots.

Link Maintenance

Links act as the roads by which users and Google bots will roam the Internet and because of this, it is important that the links on a website be checked upon regularly. Aside from this, it is a good Google SEO practice to perform regular link maintenance as Google is keen of websites that are referred by relevant websites.

That is why it is important to perform maintenance check on a website’s links especially to incoming links.

Having Physical Addresses

This Google SEO tip is most applicable to business websites where providing contacts for users is important. Google recognizes the importance of physical mailing addresses in websites that is why they give credit to websites that give one. It is important to note however that the given address on the website must correspond with the one specified in the website’s domain register.

Google is one of the biggest search engines on the Internet and landing a top spot in its search listings is considered to be the ultimate goal of every SEO endeavor so make sure that you always take into account these Google SEO tips when performing SEO on your website.
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