The very truth about social blogging

A blog is a portal towards a virtual community. It represents a way for you to express yourself, see what other people have to say about the same subject and hear their comments. Blogs are not just online diaries; they represent a virtually social environment, in which people talk about food, politics, weather and news. They put their personal thoughts and feelings, allowing for other people to point out the obvious. Social blogging has developed to the extent that true blogger communities have formed, providing postings on a regular basis, no matter if they are about personal experiences, interests or just chit-chat.

Recent estimated have shown that there are over 50 million blogs on the Internet, encompassing a wide variety of countries, cultures and races. On a blog, you can encounter people of various ages and discuss with them on the same level. Social blogging is a very interesting concept to look at when we think about the cultural and racial interactions. People have the ability to talk about anything they want, the interactive format being one of the most attractive things about blogs. It can easily get to a point when more serious problems are considered and this is why social blogging is widely received.

On a smaller level, social blogging is all about providing constant update for your friends and family. By using the Internet technology, you can let them know how you’ve been, how your life is and even what made you laugh. That is the point, actually. You can tell them anything, anything at all as long as you make it interesting and fresh. If you want to take part in the social blogging revolution, you have to be able to provide invigorating content. Make sure that if you want to inform people of your whereabouts and other stuff you write in a funny, yet interesting manner. Polish your conversational skills a little and you will see how quickly they will be to add their own postings.

If you decide to join one of these social blogging virtual centers, be sure that you are passionate about online communication. Be an active member, post content on a regular basis and always keep it brisk. Comment on anything you like, even if it is about the rain or you want to share deep, personal experiences. No one is telling you what to write but you might want to make it stimulating to read. Focus on expressing personal thoughts and feelings, be a part of the online social network and encourage other’s people comments. Also, keep in mind that with the help of RSS feeds to other blogs or websites, you postings may be read by the entire world.

Social networks and blogs in particular define what we really are, communicative beings. We need to interact and share opinions with others; we need to present ourselves and let them know who we really are.
Micro blogging has been used by a wide variety of Internet users to post short text updates, displayed on their profile’s page and usually containing personal information. This particular type of service, called micro blogging has been successfully implemented with other services included in social networking. A micro blog is short because it represents an update of other blogs entries, having the information as succinct as possible.

The technology of micro blogging has been considered as particularly interesting because the messages can also be sent by using your email and cellular phone. A joke posted on the Internet said: what do you get when you combine social networking, text messages and blogs? The answer was: micro blogging. Still, far from being a joke, micro blogging is one of the latest and advanced services provided by social networks. It has been used also for advertising purposes and who knows what the future may bring? For the time being, micro blogging keeps on gaining popularity points and every day we see more and more small pieces of fresh content posted on the web. Micro blogs are much more preferred for a wide variety of reasons: they are shorter, giving you the possibility to forget all about lengthy posts and thus enticing the reader to post his/her own short comment. Some might even say that in a world where the word blog is too much used, micro blogs come as a breath of fresh air and demonstrate how the service has grown.
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