Why Blog Marketing is so Effective?

There are many ways to advertise online. Most of them are very cost effective which makes them very appealing. However the most popular form of advertising now is blog marketing. There are a couple of reasons for this. One of the reasons blog marketing is so appealing to advertisers is the cost. Other forms of online marketing require payments to be made repeatedly, either on a per-insertion basis, per hit basis, or possibly monthly. That can begin to really add up. With blog marketing you only pay once and the link remains active for the life of the blog in most cases.

Blog marketing is very effective SEO. Search engine optimization is the primary objective of most internet advertising. Other types of marketing such as banner ads do nothing for SEO. They are only as effective as the number of people that see that particular banner. With a banner ad even on a very targeted site you only have a few seconds to impress the viewer and hope that they are interested enough at that particular moment to click on the banner and go to your site.

Adsense works much the same as banner ads and in fact are simply banners with a number of ads inside of it. While these methods have some effect they are to marketing what a drive by shooting is to a gang member hit or miss. What blog advertising does is two-fold. You still get the same viewer hits from the readers of the blogs in question so they are as effective as banner type advertising in that sense. Blog marketing has the added value of SEO however which makes it much more valuable as a marketing tool.

Search engines send out spiders constantly to crawl the internet for relevant links to sites. The more relevant links you have the higher your ranking on the search engine pages for the keyword results. When consumers look online for a specific product they typically use a search engine to find it. That is why being at the top of those lists is so important. Using targeted marketing is important but SEO not only gives you targeted market (the people actually looking for your product not just stumbling on it as they look around the internet) but they get you that market – and here’s the important part – when they are looking for it.

Even if you place a banner type ad on a very specific spot sure to get your target audience most of the time when it is seen those people aren’t looking right then for your product. Blog marketing works so well because it hits up both types of advertising situations. You get your ‘drive bys’ and you get the ‘want it now’ crowds visiting your site all the time.

Since you only pay once for that single blog post you are saving a considerable amount of money to get all of the benefits. You can also control your advertising budget easier with blog marketing. For other forms of advertising you can spend varying amounts over a long period of time that gets very expensive. With a blogging campaign you decide when you post the opportunity how much you want to spend, how many posts you wish to have created, and how long the opportunity should be available. That is a very precise way to judge how much the individual campaign will cost, and you do not have to worry about recurring expenses from that ad. It is paid for once and will continue forever.

You can develop several different campaigns for the same product at the same time and divide the money you wish to spend between them, or do several campaigns over a number of months. No matter how you choose to develop your marketing strategy you are completely in control of the costs.

Blog marketing is here to stay because it works so well for both parties involved and it is effective. Learning how to get started is easy. Most paid blogging companies have very simple to operate platforms where sign up is quick, easy and free. Once you have signed up you can upload the exact amount of money you wish to use for each campaign and choose the parameters of that campaign in just a few minutes. Your advertisements will begin quickly where many other forms of online marketing can take days, weeks, and even months to get started running your ads. Get started today and find out how quick, easy and effective blog marketing really is.

Robert Jensen is CEO at PayingPost blog advertising network where bloggers get paid to post and advertisers can promote their products.

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