Massive Traffic — Ensuring A High Rank

Free traffic does NOT come free. You have to take very informed steps if you’ll enjoy high quality traffic from the search engines and other sources. This brings us to the question of the “how” of doing it.

There are onsite and offsite factors that determine whether you’ll rank high for the keyphrases you target or not. But of them all (those that we are sure of), getting high quality links to your site happens to be the surest way of ranking high for your chosen keywords. Let’s look at some ways to get those links…

1. Piggy-back on sites that have built a reputation by submitting your articles to article directories. This is a very effective link-building method. Furthermore, you can do it without spending a dime.

The strongest advantage of article submission, from a link-building point of view, is that you determine your anchor text. You decide what your anchor text says and this means that you decide which keywords you get ranked for.

There used to be a time when links from a few articles would do. Not any more. You need to get into the habit of submitting at least one high quality article to as many article directories as make sense each week.

Just make sure you have the right tools for this or you’ll be wasting your time and money. Some services help you submit unique versions of each article to each article directory. This increases the effectiveness of your efforts and gets you as many as 500 to 1,000 permanent links for each article you submit through them.

2. You can start blogs that are related in theme to your main site. Since your blogs are different webpages from your main site, links from them will help you increase your main site’s link popularity.

The good thing about blogging is that you can start right away. Just go to or and set up a free account. Post information on your area of interest (which should be relevant to your main site) and get one way links.

Another way of building your link popularity with blogs is by making useful comments on blogs that have a high page rank and then linking back to your site. Just make sure you comment on blogs that do NOT use the “no follow” tag.

3. Make sure you bookmark your articles on sites like and Also give your visitors the opportunity of bookmarking your articles. These are quality links to your site.

The other advantage of social bookmarking is the leverage you can get. If you have great content some of your visitors will bookmark your articles. People who check their bookmarks will also visit your pages and some will add you to their own bookmarks. This helps you enlist others to do your link building for you.

4. You certainly shouldn’t forget web directories as you do your link building. They are very important for your link-building success.

If you must submit your site to only one directory, then make it A link from this site is worth a lot. However, you’ll do yourself much good by submitting to as many web directories as will give you a rank boost (And they are many).

Do NOT limit yourself to just the big directories. Search in your niche. Although niche directories might NOT have very high page rank, their links are very useful because they are theme-focused.

You can make your work a lot easier by using a directory submission service or software. It’s up to you to decide what your time is worth and how much such a tool or service will save you.

5. Most forums allow you to link back to your site. So look for high PR forums and post helpful comments. Spamming is NOT a viable strategy as it will hurt you on the long run.

There are a few other ways to get quality links. But you can be sure of one thing: You’ll soon start seeing massive traffic to your site if you commit to the methods discussed in this article.

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