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Promoting Your Website through Forum SEO

December 3, 2008

Forums are vital avenues that you can use to market your business. They are essential in increasing back links and generating visitor traffic for your website. Likewise, forum SEO can help you discuss your situation with experts and specialists. When looking for forum SEO, there are certain considerations you need to bear in mind.

First, look for forums that are related to your line of business. This is important for your website when you look for a forum that is linked with your website. By doing this, you will enhance your knowledge of concepts and activities that has something to do with your business.

Second, choose forums that are credible and has a good standing. There is a general belief that some forums are not reliable. Top forum sites lure more visitors and can foster helpful and healthy participation. You can search for good articles that can prove their standing.

Forum SEO builds an atmosphere of creative undertaking. Here, you can find opinions and recommendations from authorities and specialists regarding any problem or concern that you may have. Choose forums that are dynamic and build huge connections. This will be determined by the standing of the website.

Posting in forum SEO requires consideration of certain factors. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the forum before you post. There are general guidelines that should be followed when posting. It is good practice to introduce yourself before actively posting and joining discussions with other members. You establish your credibility as the number of your posts increase.

In forum SEO, it is important to choose relevant and related posts with the chosen category since not doing so may result to you getting banned or blocked by the forum moderators. You can include a link to your website in your signature but be aware of the limit in the number of words for signatures. Aside from that, you should avoid starting a new thread for a topic that is already in the forum. Your thread will be stopped as the moderator avoids duplicate threads.

It is a must in forum SEO not to submit foul, annoying, or taunting comments in the forums. It destroys the healthy discussion atmosphere. Similarly, avoid making humorous comments as it will veer away from the serious nature of the topics. As much as possible, give a topic that can initiate more participation. This will motivate other members to join in your forum thread and enhance the length of your thread.

Keeping these considerations in mind will help you take advantage of forum SEO for promoting your business venture.
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Search Engine Optimizing Press Releases

December 1, 2008

It is becoming common knowledge that a website that expects to get the most out of its search engine results must search engine optimize its content in order to achieve the highest possible ranking. What is not as well known is that website content isn’t the only type of writing that can be search engine optimized to produce a favorable outcome for your website.

As a part of your marketing strategy, you will likely have include the distribution of press releases in order to let people know about the latest events and movements of your business or website. What you need to recognize is the fact that this is also one of your best opportunities to employ search engine optimization, and take advantage of another opportunity to have the search engines work in your favor.

To do this properly, there are a few things that you will need to do. The first, of course is to write the press release and make certain that all of your most important keywords are included within its text with a good density. You must then distribute your press release to the right places. There are a number of different press release services out there – both free and paid – that are willing to publish your press release and distribute it to different media representatives worldwide. Among the largest and most popular of these press release distribution websites are and

By working with large distribution sites such as these, you’ll be making sure that your search engine optimizing efforts are being used to their fullest. The reason is because these sites distribute to so many other sites, and because they are always having their information and content scanned by different search engine spiders and indexers, having your press release added to the possible top results for the keywords that you have selected.

This is such an easy process that it is, in fact, considered to be even easier than writing the press release itself. After all, you need to make certain that the press release is good enough that it will be picked up and republished by other websites, online journals, blogs, and ezines, and not just remain stranded at the press release distribution website, as handy as it is with website ranking.

Remember that the purpose of your press release is not just search engine optimization. That is a secondary advantage. You still want to make sure that the news that you are reporting is spread as far as possible, and read by as many prospective clients and site visitors as you can manage.

This being said, you need to understand that though your keyword needs to be included in your press release, the rest of the content has to be of high caliber. If you are not skilled in writing, you may choose to have a professional press release writer do it for you – they are quite worth the money.

An effective press release will have a strong, informative title, information that is straight to the point without any fluff, no spelling or major grammatical errors, no informational errors, and a healthy smattering of useful keywords. By ensuring that your press release fulfills all of these requirements, you dramatically increase your odds of having your press release well distributed, well ranked among search engines, and well read among your target market.

As far as the keyword is concerned, do make sure that it is mentioned frequently enough to count, but don’t paste it into your press release so many times that it doesn’t read naturally or that it might register as SPAM by the search engines who will be ranking it. A safe density is usually within the 2 to 3 percent range. Try to use it once in your title, and very close to the beginning of the first sentence in your first paragraph. After that, once or twice in the rest of the press release should do it.

It is important that you never overlook the value of search engine optimizing any online document that you may create. Press releases are among the most effective because of their high distribution, but you should include search engine optimizing in anything that you will be posting.
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6 Best Link Building Tools To Get To Google First Page

November 30, 2008

Do you know about link building tools? If your answer is no, you are still not prepared for the web. For your site to reach Google’s first page, you NEED to get links to your site. Some tools can be used to help you with this task.

Articles: Creative articles are the most effective ways to create thousands of links to your site. Write creative articles about your services or products and send them to article directories. These articles should be relevant to your business to be effective.

Blogs: Go for an off site blog. It’s a superb way of building links and increasing the traffic to your site. This is because each blog serves as a separate web page. By linking to your site, you’ll get pretty good inbound links.

Bookmarks: Bookmarks are one of the best link building tools. You are linking back to your site every time you are bookmarking it. Propeller and are two good examples of such sites. Including social bookmarks widgets to your articles help the sharing and saving process of your content by the readers. Over 50 Social Bookmarking sites are available on the web and tools are available to bookmark for most of them.

Web Directories: Web directories are the best link building tools. They give you natural quality links. When listing your site with a large number of directories, you get more inbound links. Web directories have submitting tools to help with directory submission of your site.

Directory submission software could also be used and comes with a huge database of directories. These softwares will automatically submit your site to web directories. They’ll save you a lot of work since you won’t have to find the directories yourself on the web. Some softwares can be found for free on the web.

Forums: Find and post to forums related to you business. Add a discrete link back to your site to all of your posts. If you do this often, you’ll build a significant number of inbound links and attract some good traffic too.

Social Networking: Social networking is one of the most effective tools available. You are probably already doing this for some time, but don’t use it for your business yet. You make friends and subtly lure some of them towards your site.

These are the six most effective and most widely used link building tools. These are nothing new. We all have been using them in some way or the other. But, most of you never thought that it could bring you customers for your business!
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