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December 7, 2008

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a tool useful for
saving or retaining updated information on
websites that you frequently visit or websites that
are your favorite.
RSS utilizes an XML code which scans continuously
the content or subject matter of a certain website
in search for new informations then transmits the
information updates by way of .feeding the information
to subscribers
RSS feeds are generally being utilized in blogs or
news sites, though any website wanting to broadcast
and publish information can use them.
Once new information is sent, it will contain a
headline, a little bit of text, and either a rundown
or a brief review of the news or story. A link is
needed be clicked upon to read further.
So as to accept RSS feeds, a feed reader is needed,
called an aggregator.
Aggregators are widely and freely available online,
and all that is needed is a bit of searching, you
will be able to locate a certain interface that best
interest you.
What’s more, RSS feeds can likewise be read and
retrieved from cell phones and on PDAs.
Once you encounter upon a website that you want to add
or insert to the aggregator, the process can be done
seconds, the next update can arrive. In the event that
you do not anymore would want to accept or take in
updates, you may simply delete or erase the feed from
the aggregator.
Through e-mail subscriptions, you can receive newsletters.
RSS feeds on the other hand, can be more convenient in
keeping up with newsletter updates since they are prompt
and available in an instant; you no longer have to wait
for a scheduled time or day to obtain a news summary,
plus, these news will never be detained through a spam
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Promoting Your Website – Web Directories

December 2, 2008

Like telephone directories list the telephone numbers for certain surnames, web directories list websites for certain topics. Getting listed in web directories should be your first step in your ‘link building’ strategy. You should take note that directories are completely different to search engines. and it is in fact highly recommended that you do take time to submit your website to as many directories as you can.

Web directories provide an easy method of obtaining links since the Webmaster of the directory wants to add links to the directory to try and make it as comprehensive as possible. Most web directories are free, but some charge a fee to be listed or request a reciprocal link., It is your decision whether it’s worth paying for a listing. In general I don’t pay for listings in web directories as there are plenty of free ones available. My one exception might be for entry to the Yahoo! Directory. You’ll have to weigh up whether the profit you’ll earn from getting listed in a directory will be greater than the amount of money it costs to get listed.

I definitely recommend trying to get listed in the Open Directory Project / DMOZ ( – this is the largest web directory on the web. But be warned it can take over a year just to have a moderator review your submission!

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Email Marketing is all About Building Trust and Relationships

November 30, 2008

Building trust and relationships through email marketing is the result of writing a quality newsletter. Your newsletter will enhance the level of customer service you give and at the same time lead your customers closer to their goal. As a result of giving your customers a better perceptive of your service, it will strengthen relationships and that should be your goal, to gain a good relationship with your customer. A strong relationship will lead to a successful business.

Good email marketing is at it’s best when you use the method of building trust to gain a good relationship with your newsletter. Through building a good relationship with your customers, you will gradually win their trust. You’ll discover that this is your best email marketing strategy to apply to building a profitable business.

How do I build a strong relationship and gain their trust? First of all, you can start by adding a form on your website and asking them to sign up for your newsletter. This is a great way to build up your Opt-In mailing list. An Opt-in mailing list is permission based, so it will give your business a responsible way to extend your reach toward your targeted market.

The people who come to visit your site are your targeted market because they are already interested in what you have to offer. Now that they have made their own choice to be on your mailing list, they have just given you their permission to send them your newsletter.

This is high-quality, targeted email marketing. Why is this high-quality? They are a caring audience who has already said they want to hear from you on a regular basis. Now that these people self-select themselves as your prospects, you are not invading their privacy or sending out messages to people who are not interested.

Here are five steps to building trust and relationships with your newsletter. In following these steps, you will gain the trust of your customers that will lead into a strong relationship, that will lead into a successful and trustworthy business.

1. Allow for easy opt-out. Opt-out is instruction on how they can remove themselves from your email list if they wish to stop receiving your newsletter. By showing an opt-out, you will assure them that they can opt-out at anytime, by doing this you are on your way to gaining their trust. Gaining their trust is not just very important, it is necessary.

2. Offer something of value. By following this example, whatever your service is, if you give them valuable information that can help them, you will find that they will be waiting for your email to arrive in their inbox as long as you give your readers valuable information according to your service.

3. Follow through on your promises. If you make a promise, stick to it! Go back on your word and bottom line, your done, you lost their trust. Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes, how would you feel if someone made a promise to you and did not keep it?

4. Building a relationship takes time. You will discover that when you publish your own newsletter, it will be your best approach to succeed at building one. Your goal is to get the most out of your customer relationship, so that you can eventually get yourself in a good position to get to be on a one to one relationship. A one to one relationship is writing your newsletter as if you were writing to one person and yet it is going out to many. Once you accomplish that, you are on your road to success. This is why it is very important to write valuable information for your customers. Using relationship email marketing on the web by publishing your own quality newsletter will help you do just that.

5. Ask yourself the question, “Would you be more likely to pay out your money to someone you know, like, trust, and have a good relationship with, rather than someone you do not know?“ This is why it is so important to build a relationship of trust and gain the confidence of our customers and potential customers, so that they will eventually make a purchase from us in the near future. (Tip) When marketing on the internet it takes several contacts with a prospective customer before you make a sale. This is where email marketing kicks in.