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Search Engine Optimization and English Spelling

November 30, 2008

Recently I was analyzing keywords used by the visitors to search my website and thought of discussing some issues related to spelling with other people.

I found many people coming to my website are not using the correct spellings while searching in the search engines. It is fact that a large number of people who use internet through out the world do not have good knowledge of English. You may found lot of people of China, India, France, Germany, Russia and many other countries do lack in using correct English spellings.

Another problem is different spellings used by UK English and International English. When web masters optimize their websites they pick the most commonly used terms and phrases with respect to their websites and they either follow the UK English or International English and they optimize the sites accordingly. But for instance if you are following UK English, your site may not be come up on top ranking for the corresponding International English keyword. Some common examples are Organization and Organization, Optimization and Optimization, color and color etc. etc.

I found many webmasters follow the following techniques to avoid the above problems:-

1. Use the variant spelling of the keywords in the meta tags
2. Use all possible variants and misspelled words in the main body
3. Some people mask the misspelled words that are they use the same color of the text as their page color hence not visible to human but can crawled by search engine bots.

But I feel all the above tricks are no longer useful as google do not give much importance to meta tags now a days, no one would like putting misspelled words in the main body and the last one is strongly not recommended as many search engine do not like this approach and may exclude your website from their index.

What is the Best Approach?

I recommend the following two approaches to address the issue:-

1. use the wrong or misspelled words in the Alt tags of your images, as many search engines index the alt tags.
2. Off Page Factors, while doing link building for your website, you can deliberately use the wrong or misspelled words in the anchor text and it will solve your problem to a great extent.

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Link Sharing – The Real Truth

November 30, 2008

Link sharing doesn’t work. That might sound a bit dramatic but no, it does not. I’ve been doing some research (during the early hours of the morning) and I’m amazed at the number of websites out there adopting the most insane techniques in order to climb SERPs.

I must admit, I was intrigued by the methods at first. I mean, who wouldn’t like to get a week’s work done in a few minutes? 🙂 But you know what they say, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

The biggest monster of all is the promise of instantaneous link share with thousands of quality websites. This basically involves joining a poorly code shabby directory which is copied many times over thousands of different domains. There’s several things wrong with that:

1. These pages offer no quality content what-so-ever, so they’ll never be highly regarded by SEs.

2. The number of outgoing links on each page means your site will get a minuscule tiny small fraction of absolute nothing – it really isn’t much…

3. The same pages are duplicated over and over again around the web and are promptly ignored and penalized by SEs.

Now, if you’re a SEO expert you will know that apart from being a gross waste of time, it’s extremely unlikely that any of the above will harm your site’s reputation. A webmaster has no control over external links to his website(s), and for that reason his website(s) will not be penalized by the SEs, contrary to popular belief. In fact, these techniques may well fool small search engines* and quickly push a website up the ladder on SERPs.

Having said that, here’s the big whopper….

4. The most common requirement for these link-share wonders is that, of course, you place yet another copy of the directory and its thousands of badly coded content-less pages under your website.

This is a huge problem and is where many people go wrong. And here’s why:

* Adding thousands of pages to your website overnight will dramatically affect your content’s keyword density. SEs like Google don’t only examine an individual page, they also analyse the website as a whole in order to determine its ‘theme’.

* Whereas incoming links cannot harm your websites(s) reputation, outgoing links can destroy it – very quickly. A link to a page is seen seen as a ‘vote of confidence’ to that page and its content from the website linking into it. Linking into bad neighbourhoods and low quality websites will damage your reputation – (ie.: SERPs rankings).

This all sounds very depressing… so what can you do?

The most effect form of link sharing is and will always be one-way incoming links.
And the best way to get that is by having quality content.
And the best quality content should be found on your website.

Although traditional methods can be time consuming, you simply cannot go wrong. One week of quality content publishing is worth a million times more than every automatic FFA link directory that has ever existed ever.

* Small search engines – Anything other than Google, Yahoo, MSN and the likes…

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6 Best Link Building Tools To Get To Google First Page

November 30, 2008

Do you know about link building tools? If your answer is no, you are still not prepared for the web. For your site to reach Google’s first page, you NEED to get links to your site. Some tools can be used to help you with this task.

Articles: Creative articles are the most effective ways to create thousands of links to your site. Write creative articles about your services or products and send them to article directories. These articles should be relevant to your business to be effective.

Blogs: Go for an off site blog. It’s a superb way of building links and increasing the traffic to your site. This is because each blog serves as a separate web page. By linking to your site, you’ll get pretty good inbound links.

Bookmarks: Bookmarks are one of the best link building tools. You are linking back to your site every time you are bookmarking it. Propeller and are two good examples of such sites. Including social bookmarks widgets to your articles help the sharing and saving process of your content by the readers. Over 50 Social Bookmarking sites are available on the web and tools are available to bookmark for most of them.

Web Directories: Web directories are the best link building tools. They give you natural quality links. When listing your site with a large number of directories, you get more inbound links. Web directories have submitting tools to help with directory submission of your site.

Directory submission software could also be used and comes with a huge database of directories. These softwares will automatically submit your site to web directories. They’ll save you a lot of work since you won’t have to find the directories yourself on the web. Some softwares can be found for free on the web.

Forums: Find and post to forums related to you business. Add a discrete link back to your site to all of your posts. If you do this often, you’ll build a significant number of inbound links and attract some good traffic too.

Social Networking: Social networking is one of the most effective tools available. You are probably already doing this for some time, but don’t use it for your business yet. You make friends and subtly lure some of them towards your site.

These are the six most effective and most widely used link building tools. These are nothing new. We all have been using them in some way or the other. But, most of you never thought that it could bring you customers for your business!
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Understanding What a Safelist Is

November 30, 2008

Before going on to specifics, I will explain exactly what a safelist is. I will also cover the differences between web-based and group-based safelists, and explain the difference between free and pro safelists. Let’s start with what a safelist is.

In the simplest terms, a safelist is a members-only mailing list where all members have agreed to receive emails and ads from everyone else on the list.

Think of a safelist as a giant email marketing co-op. The benefit is that these members who have joined the safelist can then send their emails to other list members.

The majority of these emails are promotional or advertisements. Where does the term “safelist” originate? Well, a safelist is a list where members can safely post ads and messages which are not considered spam.

Spam is always unsolicited email. The act of joining a safelist indicates that you are agreeing to receive emails from the other members – and they are willing to receive emails from you.

Spamming doesn’t work – it simply ends up in the trash. Safelists have been proven to be effective if you are looking to attract targeted prospects. This is because virtually everyone on a safelist is attempting to make a profit online.

This gives you literally thousands of potential prospects receiving your advertisement or promotion. There are some extraordinary benefits to belonging to a safelist. First of all, you are in direct touch with a targeted list of members who have usually paid to join, which means they are serious about marketing and they are serious about finding out about other services and goods.

Another benefit is that all emails are protected from being denounced as spam, as long as the rules of the list are followed. Some safelists give you unlimited space to send your emails.

This gives you a lot of room to explain your business in the kind of detail it deserves. Some safelist even offer you the ability to send graphics and text in HTML format.

Safelist messages are sent quickly, and included links to your websites have the potential to draw quality traffic within minutes – which translates into rapid sales. As an extra benefit, many safelists offer extra features, such as free software, tips and advice, and other benefits.

Web-based and Group-based Safelists There are basically two different types of safelists, web-based safelists and group-based safelists. Remember the basic function of joining a safelist: it allows you to send emails to a large database of members who have all agreed to receive your emails, which means your emails are not considered spam.

The difference is that in a web-based safelist, you first log onto their website, and then you send your email or advertisement directly from their server. Recipients of your emails automatically recognize safelists messages because they are sent from the safelist address.

Group-based safelists work by allowing you to send your emails through a special email address, which then distributes your email to all the members of the group. Again, each of these members has opted-in to the safelists, so your emails will never be accused of being spam.

Email Marketing is all About Building Trust and Relationships

November 30, 2008

Building trust and relationships through email marketing is the result of writing a quality newsletter. Your newsletter will enhance the level of customer service you give and at the same time lead your customers closer to their goal. As a result of giving your customers a better perceptive of your service, it will strengthen relationships and that should be your goal, to gain a good relationship with your customer. A strong relationship will lead to a successful business.

Good email marketing is at it’s best when you use the method of building trust to gain a good relationship with your newsletter. Through building a good relationship with your customers, you will gradually win their trust. You’ll discover that this is your best email marketing strategy to apply to building a profitable business.

How do I build a strong relationship and gain their trust? First of all, you can start by adding a form on your website and asking them to sign up for your newsletter. This is a great way to build up your Opt-In mailing list. An Opt-in mailing list is permission based, so it will give your business a responsible way to extend your reach toward your targeted market.

The people who come to visit your site are your targeted market because they are already interested in what you have to offer. Now that they have made their own choice to be on your mailing list, they have just given you their permission to send them your newsletter.

This is high-quality, targeted email marketing. Why is this high-quality? They are a caring audience who has already said they want to hear from you on a regular basis. Now that these people self-select themselves as your prospects, you are not invading their privacy or sending out messages to people who are not interested.

Here are five steps to building trust and relationships with your newsletter. In following these steps, you will gain the trust of your customers that will lead into a strong relationship, that will lead into a successful and trustworthy business.

1. Allow for easy opt-out. Opt-out is instruction on how they can remove themselves from your email list if they wish to stop receiving your newsletter. By showing an opt-out, you will assure them that they can opt-out at anytime, by doing this you are on your way to gaining their trust. Gaining their trust is not just very important, it is necessary.

2. Offer something of value. By following this example, whatever your service is, if you give them valuable information that can help them, you will find that they will be waiting for your email to arrive in their inbox as long as you give your readers valuable information according to your service.

3. Follow through on your promises. If you make a promise, stick to it! Go back on your word and bottom line, your done, you lost their trust. Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes, how would you feel if someone made a promise to you and did not keep it?

4. Building a relationship takes time. You will discover that when you publish your own newsletter, it will be your best approach to succeed at building one. Your goal is to get the most out of your customer relationship, so that you can eventually get yourself in a good position to get to be on a one to one relationship. A one to one relationship is writing your newsletter as if you were writing to one person and yet it is going out to many. Once you accomplish that, you are on your road to success. This is why it is very important to write valuable information for your customers. Using relationship email marketing on the web by publishing your own quality newsletter will help you do just that.

5. Ask yourself the question, “Would you be more likely to pay out your money to someone you know, like, trust, and have a good relationship with, rather than someone you do not know?“ This is why it is so important to build a relationship of trust and gain the confidence of our customers and potential customers, so that they will eventually make a purchase from us in the near future. (Tip) When marketing on the internet it takes several contacts with a prospective customer before you make a sale. This is where email marketing kicks in.

Search engines Improving your page rank

November 30, 2008

What is a link exchange and how does it help?

A link exchange is a very new thing in the online advertising business, you will have to first find website that offer some kind of link exchange program. This is where you will register to be a member and exchange link with other members, then you will have to create a sort of banner ad for other members and they will do the same for your website. This will be highly beneficial as you will be creating more places for clients to find you and improving your page rank at the same time. The search engine spider bots look for these along with SEO, meta tags, content and user friendly web design when they are assessing your website for a pagerank. The more places your website link is found, the better.

Another good way to generate traffic for your webpage or website is by doing backlink building. Backlink is a way of getting people to host a link of your website on their website. This is not an easy thing to get or do, as you will have a high rank in Google or Yahoo for anybody to even think about hosting a backlink for you. Another name for this in inbound links, which explains the whole process, it works just like link exchange, only you do not need any type of banner advertising for it, it is as simple as just a link on your website.

You could also up your page rank if you use Google ads as your advertiser, this way you will be right on the top of the page, whether it is the first page or the second page of the search engine. When it comes to advertising on the internet the page rank number you get your page to rank is very important. Many people only look on the first page of a search engine when they are looking for something so you must make sure you are there for them to find. You could also do text link advertising, this is done by entering the link to your web page on the end of your email page as a signature. This way all the people you send emails to during the day will click on your text link and visit your site, although this is only to a handful of people. If you do email marketing you can reach more people.

You can also do link building. This will be when you post blogs on numerous websites like My Space or Facebook and other community sites. You must write as a third party with no connections to the business you are promoting. You are not allowed to promote directly, but rather chat about anything you like. Just leave your link at the bottom of the blog for people to click on. That is about it. These are just some of the many ways of getting a higher page ranking and marketing your business successfully online.

Social Bookmarking & Web Traffic

November 30, 2008

Social bookmarking is a technique by which internet users store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the internet with the help of metadata. In a social bookmarking system, internet users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share. These social bookmarks are generally public, and can be saved privately, shared only with specified people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combination of public and private domains.

Unlike storing bookmarks in a folder on your computer, tagged pages are stored on the Web and can be accessed from any computer. It is often called as “The real-time Web, organized by you.” Web sites dedicated to social bookmarking, such as Flickr and, provide users with a place to store, categorize, annotate and share favorite Web pages and files.

Social Bookmarking And Web Traffic

Social Bookmarking and Increasing Web Traffic was recently the number one topic in the Net. All communications and information networks are benefiting from the concept of social bookmarking. There are many such services available nowadays that are free and popular. It is a very simple process that any online marketer can put into action and start seeing almost immediate results from their small efforts! The time it takes for this process is probably about 10 minutes or less for each.

If your website has more people bookmarking it, your rankings will go up and it will drive more traffic to you, thus it makes sense to work with others doing the same thing to advance both you and them.

Useful Guides

Below are some useful guides to launch an effective social bookmarking campaign:

1. Make a list of the best social bookmarking sites around.

Select a social bookmarking network. Select it carefully after proper research. A popular social bookmarking network will be better. You will have more visitors to your pages in such networks.

2. Start Tagging

Start tagging what catches your eye the most. The most important feature of social bookmarking sites is that the “tag” websites that you visit to make a network with sites of similar interests by using keywords which are provided to make the linkages to such sites easier. This will make you popular and known in the network.

3. Submit your content to your list of social bookmarking sites.

You will receive tons of targeted traffic, increase your sales and grow your mailing list at a faster rate – all for free!

4. Make it popular

Make your social bookmarking site popular among the readers. Bookmark important and interesting information and allow readers to use them. The more useful you are the more popular you will be

5. Advance Option

If you have the tools, try submitting using multiple account user. Ensure that you use different IP address and stagger the submissions. This is to ensure that your tagging will not be detected as spam. Please note that this is only for experience users.

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How To Acquire 100,000 Inbound Links In 30 Days Easy

November 30, 2008

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Internet marketing has now become an intrinsic part of any business marketing plan. While most webmasters and SEO experts search and experiment with new web promotion methods to boost their Internet marketing effectiveness, it is actually not what new strategies to try but how those website promotion methods are being implemented.

Even basic web promotion methods can be transformed to an ultimate Internet marketing weapon that will make the BIG difference and increase the likelihood of your on-line business becoming a financial success rather than an expensive flop.

6 Basic Internet Marketing Strategies

– StumbleUpon
– Press Release
Article Submission
– Social Bookmarking
– Directory Submission
Search Engine Submission

Perhaps shocking to many, the above “so-called” basic Internet Marketing strategies can be tweaked in such a way so as to achieve a massive magnitude of link popularity fast and yet search-engine friendly.

Some Useful Tips

StumbleUpon and Social Bookmarking

Both are excellent for web traffic and quality one way links. However it is not enough to just submit to the social media sites. You need to be tagged as a popular or useful site. Hence gradual multiple user accounts tagging using unique IPs for each user account is a critical factor.

Do not only focus on your niche keywords when submitting your site in social media sites. You should also use high search volume keywords so as to ensure massive web traffic. It is also important that you get your site into the featured tag pages.

Directory Submission

Effective one way link building strategy. Besides rotating your titles, ensure that you only focus on 1 keyword per title and use that keyword at the beginning of the title. Description should also consist of the keyword used in title. Another great method that many people choose to ignore is deep link directory submission. This strategy strengthens your inner web pages hence will in return provide quality inter-links to your index page.

There must be an order, sequence and purpose in launching a successful and effective website promotion campaign. A productive and cost-effective Internet marketing is not just another submission to press agencies, article and bookmarking sites or the thousands of web directories. There is a process to apply and integrate those various basic web promotion methods. What, when and how you strategically launch each of those 5 standard Internet marketing strategies in an orderly sequential manner underlines the basis of each of the method described.

All it takes is just 1 month and a discipline approach towards Internet marketing. Any webmasters can acquire such massive inbound links and all links indexed in a flash.

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